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Our Horses


Wild horses live in 'Bands."  A lead stallion will earn one or more mares and his job is protection.  Unlike domestic horses the stallion is very much involved in the care and training of the foals in his band.  

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Our wild ones face a daily struggle to remain free and wild. There are thousands of horses who lost their fight to remain free and now sit in government holding pens. Every voice counts, every email matters,and there is always something YOU can do to help our wild ones remain free on their range. 

Thank You

We have a wonderful group of photographers, who allow people around the world to get to know our local wild horses. They do an amazing job at capturing the personalities, situations, and the importance of family and range relationships.. More pictures can be found and purchased on their websites. 

If you wish to donate to help keep our horses free by supporting our program, please click the donate button below.  Thank you for your generosity.   

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