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Your donation will support the following Pine Nut Wild Horse Advocates projects:

  • Partnership with BLM to administer humane PZP fertility control to prevent Fish Springs horses from being rounded up and removed from the range.

  • Public education to ensure wild horses are not enticed, with water and feed, into neighborhood and roadways.

  • We haul water to the wild horses on the Fish Spring Range  daily to large stock tanks back away from homes but on a main jeep trail.  Even though there are  seasonal ponds, creeks and springs back in the hills, the water tanks are visible to local residents and they are assured they do not need to provide water at there back yard.   Residents luring wild horses near homes with water sources or feed was historically the number one reason the wild horses would be drawn near homes and streets. and the cause of complaints which resulted in bands being rounded up and removed.  The cooperation of our local residents has been instrumental in  keeping the wild horses away from homes and reducing complaints.  

  •  We work together with BLM on any horses which must be removed to find a suitable adopter.  We haul the horses from the BLM facility to a trainer who specializes in wild horse gentling and we pay for their initial training to give the horse a great start in their new life with humans.